I am a progressive digital media strategist and developer with over 20 years of industry experience. During this time I have developed a comprehensive understanding of digital technologies and media platforms and how they can be effectively employed to engage, enhance and support the relationships between organisations and their customers.

I am a creative and strategic thinker with solid analytical skills who can identify opportunities for growth, drive innovation and ensure quality of service. I can lead strategic digital thinking within a collaborative environment, working closely with internal team members and key stakeholders.

I have excellent written and interpersonal skills which have enabled me to build effective working relationships with people from many diverse backgrounds. I also have a natural ability to simplify technical jargon for clients in order to foster trust and initiate honest communication.

How can I help?

Digital Strategy

Not sure where to start? Together we can analyse your business in order to define your requirements. Then I can help formulate a digital strategy that will meet those requirements. Your website should complement your business and compel your customers to interact with you.


I have been developing web-based solutions since 1997 and since then I have gained invaluable experience and industry knowledge. The technical jargon is often confusing and the options can be daunting. I can help to demystify web technologies so that you will better understand your needs.

Social Media

Social networks can be intimidating but they are a vital connection to your audience. I can help you to understand and harness the power of social networks, then we can choose the ones which are right for you and your business. Together we will engage and connect you with your customers.